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Services for Commercial Property
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Services for Commercial Property

Services for Commercial Property
  • If you are considering the purchase or lease of property, or if you have been unlucky enough to suffer damage to your existing property, RBC can assist with Building Surveys. Please see "Building Surveys" below.
  • If you are considering building an extension, refurbishment or the construction of a complete property, RBC can assist in whole or part with the entire construction process by tailoring our services to your individual needs and programming the works around your business requirements and operational activities. Please see "Construction Projects" below.

We will discuss how works could be programmed to minimise disruption to your business.

RBC make no charge for an initial consultation and quotation for our services.

Building Surveys

  • Any property is a major investment, for which you will be wise to ensure that the building is structurally sound
  • Where a mortgage is raised you will be asked by your lender to fund a Valuation Survey. Do not mistake this survey as providing a Building report. The Valuation Survey will purely confirm whether or not the building will provide your lender with adequate security for the loan and may not address building faults or defects if these do not affect your lender’s security, but any such faults or defects will effect the Property Owner
  • There are different levels of Building and Structural Surveys from a simple overview to an in-depth report. The cost will vary depending upon the level of report required, the size of the building and its immediately apparent condition
  • RBC can discuss with you the appropriate level of report, provide you with a competitive fixed price quotation and generally assist you in this area
  • Remember that when the professional eye identifies risk elements, not only do you have an opportunity to renegotiate your purchase price, but you will also avoid additional expense to repair faults that were not your original responsibility. Under such circumstances the report can easily become a very sound investment.

Construction Projects

  • As a “Chartered Building Consultancy” we will guide you through the construction process, which can be a dangerous minefield to the unwary
  • By appointing a consultant to advise you on the construction and contractual matters and to manage the project around your business activities, you will find the consultant's fee a sound investment
  • Our main areas of expertise which can be provided in whole or part and tailored to your business needs are:-

Conception Stage

  • Where required we are able to bring together a complete project team of all professional disciplines including architectural and offer a tender list of approved contractors
  • Budget pricing of ideas from a very basic brief to ensure that the idea is affordable
  • Viability Studies of a proposed development
  • Guidance with Special Needs requirements to comply with DDA statutes
  • Building Surveying to ensure the suitability of an existing structure
  • Party Wall Agreements (With very few exceptions, these can be mandatory if the proposed works are within 6m of adjoining property)   Click this link to our FAQ's page for more information (Use your browser's back button to return to this page)
  • Budget pricing of schemes once on the drawing board to ensure that the design itself evolves within budget and where appropriate, recommending areas where the design and / or specification can be reduced to return the design to budget, or to identify savings that are evolving to enable other ideas to materialise
  • Planning and Building Control applications

Construction Phase

  • Non Domestic client projects lasting longer than 30 days or 500 person days (whichever is the shorter) require mandatory HSE and CDM (Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007) notification and registration with which RBC can assist.
  • As a Non Domestic client instructing construction works you are currently required by statute to appoint a CDM co-ordinator for the project. RBC can fulfil this role for you.
  • Contract Administration and / or Project Management to level required
  • Assistance with the preparation of your and approval of the contractor’s Health and Safety Plans and Risk Assessments
  • Seeking expressions of interest to tender from appropriate contractors
  • Discussing with you the alternative forms of contract, recommending which is most appropriate for your project and whether LAD's (Liquidated and Ascertained Damages) are appropriate and if so, recommending the level
  • Preparation of Tender Documents, Programmes and Managing the whole Tender process with advice and recommendations on the requirements to be included in the documents
  • Analysing Contractors' Tenders relative to the budget, preparing a Tender Comparison report and arranging to interview short listed contractors with you
  • Appointing your preferred Contractor
  • Contract Administration and Valuations with the Contractor including liaison with your Financiers where appropriate and advising on any contractual claims and dispute resolution
  • Manage Handover procedures

Post Handover Phase

  • Contract Administration post handover when your project is into the maintenance period
  • Latent Defects (These are defects outside the contractual maintenance period)