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Some frequently asked questions and their answers, but if your question is not listed please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our aim is to assist you whenever possible.

Please remember that there is no charge or commitment for an initial consultation and quotation.

Questions in alphabetical order

What is Radon Gas ?

Extract from UK Radon website. What is Radon Gas ? Radon is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas. It is formed by the radioactive decay of the small amounts of uranium that occur naturally in all rocks and soils. Is Radon a risk to health ? Radioactive elements decay and emit radiation. Any exposure to radiation is thought to be a risk to health - radiation is a form of energy and can cause damage... read more »

Why do I need a Building Survey ?

Any property be it your home or a commercial building is a major investment, for which you will be wise to ensure that the building is structurally sound. Where a mortgage is raised you will be asked by your lender to fund a Valuation Survey. Do not mistake this survey as providing a structural report. The Valuation Survey will purely confirm whether or not the building will provide your lender with adequate security for the... read more »

Why do I need a Chartered Building Consultant ?

Quotes from “The Chartered Institute of Building” “By choosing a Chartered Building Consultancy you may be sure that, whatever the task, the professionalism, resources and commitment to meet your requirements safely and efficiently will always be paramount.” "A member of the Chartered Building Consultancy scheme cannot buy that status. Rigorous qualification requirements are in place for the practice's partners or directors." As a qualified and regulated Chartered Building Consultancy, you may be assured that RBC will... read more »

Why do I need a Cost Consultant ?

Building Contracts can be complex, particularly where there have been amendments to the standard wording, or if there have been significant “add or omit” Change Instructions post contract, with their financial and time implications. The Cost Consultant will guide you through the Contractual and Legal responsibilities to ensure “Fair Play” by all the contractual parties and advise on all cost control aspects. RBC can fulfil this role for you. Remember, we make no charge for an... read more »

Why do I need a Dilapidation Survey ?

This type of survey normally applies to Landlords and Tenants to independently verify the condition of a property at the beginning and end of a tenancy, be that Domestic or Commercial. Such surveys clearly record the building condition and works required at each end of a tenancy. RBC can not only assist with the Dilapidation Survey, but will also provide a budget costing for required works and are happy to be engaged by either party. Remember,... read more »

Why do I need a Partywall Agreement ?

The Party Wall Act 1996 became effective to all new building or excavation works from the 1st July 1997. The Act is mandatory between adjoining Property Owners and is the responsibility of the Building Owner proposing the works to ensure that an Agreement is in place before works commence. The Act provides a transparent mechanism in an endeavour to prevent disputes in the first instance and a clear route for settlement if they occur. Simplistically, the... read more »

Why do I need a Quantity Surveyor ?

This is a specialist area, which is far more complex than often appreciated. A Quantity Surveyor will be highly methodical and logical and be able to identify and cost all resources required on a project from initial sketch ideas through to refining the cost forecast as more detailed drawings evolve. This is essential to establish an accurate and realistic budget at all stages of the design. The Quantity Surveyor will then monitor actual costs as... read more »

Why do I need an Expert Witness ?

Often the engagement of an Expert Witness early in any form of differing opinions with associated conciliation, can prevent escalation into major legal proceedings. RBC can provide professional advice in the areas of our expertise on which we offer our services. RBC will happily discuss your individual situation and potential ways forward in total confidence. Remember, we make no charge for an initial consultation.read more »

Why do I need an Insurance Survey ?

If you have been unlucky enough to suffer damage from an insured risk such as Fire, Flood, Impact Damage, etc., this will have caused damage not only to your furniture, fixtures and fittings, but also to the structure of the building. RBC are able to assist by preparing a Damage Report on the Building Structure and providing a budget costing for repairs as well as liaising with the Insurance Company’s Loss Adjuster. Remember, we make... read more »

Why do I need Contractural Advice ?

Under almost every circumstance, a Formal Building Contract is recommended above simple exchange of correspondence and certainly above verbal agreements. There are many alternative forms of standard contracts issued by a number of differing bodies. The alternative forms are designed to cover the simplest elements of work through to the most complex with their respective range of project values, but all the alternative forms are designed to clearly establish and set out the intention of the... read more »